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It's here! You're Getting Married!

Now that you're engaged, what's next? 

Have you started the planning process and feel overwhelmed?

No need to worry, ONBB Weddings Virtual Planning Services are here to help you through it. We want your wedding planning process to be as fun and memorable as you imagined. Our affordable packages start out at a low $25 and take less than 3 months to get you through the planning, all while staying online!

No more hassle of trying to coordinate busy schedules to meet in person. We will work together via email, video calls, or text messages to get your wedding planning complete.

Need more assistance than what our packages offer? 

No problem! ONBB Weddings have a custom package where you can make it completely your own.

Heidi Melton and her team of wedding planning pros have over a decade of wedding experience and are ready to assist you with your very special day!

ONBB Weddings Virtual Wedding Planning packages make your life easier, less stressed, and take the load off of you during the wedding day.

Let's Get this Party Started!

What are couples saying about us?

"Heidi is super fast to work with and responded to my questions in quickly. This service is worth more than we paid for it!" - Tracy

I'm in, sign me up!

Day of Timeline

In our Day of Timeline package you will get a full one page timeline that is customized to your wedding day for only $25!!!

Customized Package

Need a little more assistance or don't see exactly what you are looking for? Customize it!

Need a Taste for what we do?

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