• Heidi Melton

5 Beach Honeymoon Items You Must Have

You're married! Yass! All the planning, the photos, and the meet and greets are over, but the best R&R and fun is next... the HONEYMOON! Here at ONBB - Old. New. Borrowed. Blue. Weddings we want to help provide not only the best solution in mobile resale, but also provide you the best alternatives for items that may not be listed on the app! So we took a poll and did some major research and came up with the top 5 items you should take on your beach destination honeymoon.

Let's check it out!

1. The Sun Hat

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One thing you should do when you hit the beach - is set your phone on Do Not Disturb. Why not let everyone know that you are focusing on you and your hubby with this adorable Do Not Disturb floppy sun hat!? Don't like the verbiage? That's ok, the C.C Derby Beach Floppy Sun Hat has the highest ratings and comes in different colors and sayings. Soak up some sun, steal some kisses and shade your face with this too cute sun hat.

2. Off Duty Mermaid Robe

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OMGoodness! Can you even get over how fantastically on point this robe is?! Why have just any wrap for the beach when you can have a beautiful white sheer robe that shows off your beauty on the beach!? Plus a flowy frock is perfect to show your Hot bod to your new hubs. You'll love it, we promise!

3. Hand & Shoulder Beach Bag

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What a fun way to say "I'm here!" than with a fun statement bag for the beach or nightlife while on your honeymoon. Don't settle for the simple canvas tote. Walk on the beach and in the bars with this totally cute round beach bag. Plus its zips, protecting your belongings inside! Love, love, love this bag - and you will too!

4. Sandals

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Let's be honest, do we lay on the beach all day? Nope. We are walking on the boardwalk, shopping, and exploring with our lovey. Why worry about changing in and out of your beach flops when you can walk in style and in comfort with one of the most highly rated and reviewed flip flops on Amazon? Check these out ladies, you won't regret it!

5. Round Beach Towel

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We love these rounds towels! They come in multiple different prints and styles, and based on user reviews they are extremely comfortable, large and washer friendly. Make a bright and gold statement on your honeymoon with a round towel OR roll up together for some lovin' on the beach ;)

These are just 5 of the beach items that we are suggesting, but would love to hear more of your own must have beach honeymoon items! Leave us a comment below for more items you had to have on your beach honeymoon. We will be reviewing and listing more items you must take on your honeymoon based on the destination, so if you have any wish lists you would like to see us write about, send us a note! We love hearing from you!

Much love, and happy honeymoon!!

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