• Heidi Melton

About ONBB & Me

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

I was seven, riding in 'ole blue,' with my dad when I had my first business idea. It was then I knew I wanted to run my own company, and create something marvelous. From that day, there have been dozens of ideas, some good and some terrible. It wasn't until twenty years after that first idea did I finally have an idea worth while.

ONBB was created after being in the wedding industry for the past five years as a wedding and event specialist. Hearing time and time again, "What am I going to do with all this stuff after the wedding?" I knew there was a market for wedding decor, dresses, and more. Offering my clients a safe and easy mobile platform to sell their wedding items was just the start. Once my current clients for 2018 and beyond heard about the opportunity to buy used and discounted wedding items making their wedding a little more affordable was beyond exciting.

Our mission is to provide a fast, easy and safe mobile wedding resale venue for past and future brides to sell and buy wedding items. With our business solely based on mobile, we have always had our busy brides in mind. We understand our brides are constantly on the go and don't have time to mess with desktops or finding time to go to a physical event to buy their wedding items. They wanted something they can access at all times; whether it was on their business break at the office, waiting for their next flight, or sipping a glass a wine with their bride tribe, our mobile app was created for ease.

We are looking forward to seeing our brides' success in making money back from their wedding day by selling on ONBB. We truly believe that ONBB can make weddings more affordable both on the front end of the initial buying process for brides, and then on the end of process to make money back on the items originally purchased.

Happy Planning! Happy Selling!

Photo cred: Kell Marcelo Photography

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