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Brands We Love: Vowed Box Co.

We love all the wedding vendors we work with, and when we meet other wedding professionals that have businesses you just have to know about we will share them with you in our -Brands We Love- posts.

Vowed Box Co.

We can't think of a better lady to start us out with than Lindsay Scholz, founder of Vowed Box Co. Lindsay marches to the beat of her own drum and we love her for it. Just like most of our couples who buy and sell on the ONBB Wedding app, we aren't your "standard". Personally trying to curate gifts for bridal party members is tough and expensive. Having it done for you makes it easy and more affordable. Check it out.

What is Vowed Box Co.? "Vowed Box Co. is a line of curated gift boxes aimed at the no-nonsense, non-traditional bride. When I was engaged two years ago, I had an incredibly difficult time finding gift boxes for my bridesmaids that had the perfect amount of class – and sass. There were several bridal gift boxes on the market at the time, but all of them were a bit too glittery and frilly for my taste. I always kept the idea of Vowed Box Co. in the back of my mind, but officially decided to begin bringing that idea to life in January of this year. When I get an idea that I’m excited about, I get a little crazy: I initiated a pre-launch social media campaign for Vowed Box Co., designed the packaging, sourced all of the wholesale goods, developed the website, put together an influencer campaign...and launched the business at the end of March 2018!"

Photo cred: Brooke Michelle Photography

Why is Vowed Box Co. different than any other specialty gift box company? "Vowed Box Co. is different from the other bridal gift boxes on the market for two reasons: one is that we target brides who really don’t take themselves too seriously; two is that we exclusively feature goods from small makers in our boxes, which guarantees a unique experience for our brides and customers. As a small business myself, I love including quality goods from other small makers in each and every Vowed box."

Photo cred: Brooke Michelle Photography

What made you want to start this business? "I wanted to start this business to serve brides just like myself – the ones of us who have decided to skip tradition and elope instead; the ones who would rather wear a short wedding dress than something long and classic, just because; the ones who have always marched to the beat of a different drum. I love to celebrate and honor the different, colorful and wild side of the wedding industry with Vowed Box Co."

Photo cred: Jacoby Photo & Design

How do you see your business changing in the next year? "In the next year I plan to expand Vowed Box Co.’s offering of pre-curated bridal gift boxes and potentially add a “build-your-own box” functionality to the website. I also hope to step out of my comfort zone by exploring various industry trade shows that may help boost the brand’s visibility and awareness with wedding boutiques and vendors. Of course, I never want to have anything too set in stone – for now, it’s been incredibly encouraging just to watch initial consumer interest and sales roll in!"

How can we get in touch with you? Feel free to keep up with Vowed Box Co. and future box launches at www.vowedboxco.com. You can also get your fill of non-traditional wedding know-how and inspiration on our Instagram and Pinterest.

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Well ladies and gents, have you tapped on any of the links to visit Lindsay's business? If not, here's another chance - Vowed Box Co. We hope you love seeing some new and fun ways to treat your bridal party and newly engaged besties with a special curated box full of gifts just for them!

Photo credits:

Brooke Michelle Photography

Jacoby Photo & Design

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