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Chats with Heidi and a Professional Wedding Planner

There is nothing more valuable than advice worth knowing. Whether you are buying and selling using the ONBB - Old. New. Borrowed. Blue. Wedding app or currently seeking out professionals to help you with your wedding day. We want you to have all the right tools and advice to make you feel less stressed for your special day.

As I work on the details of my wedding day, I love hearing from professionals that bring their services to a whole new level. I sat down with Christina Burton with Christina Burton Events to chat more about wedding planning.

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What are the three questions you receive the most as a wedding planner?

What are your differences in your packages?  What package do I need?

This is such a case by case answer, but a big part of knowing what package you need is to know how you handle stress and pressure, and how you want to spend the time of your engagement.  I have some clients who are pretty organized and can handle juggling several things at once and they want to spend the time of their engagement planning every detail of their wedding day, that's great!  They probably just need me to help with their timeline and pulling all their planning together on the day of their wedding so they can enjoy themselves.  I have other clients who want to handle some of their own planning, but they care a lot about having a cohesive design for their wedding day, in which case, my coordination plus design package is perfect for them!  Then I have others who know that they want the time of their engagement to be fun, non-stressful, or maybe they know that there's a job change or move in their future, so with all their life events, they want guidance through the entire planning process, for those clients full-service planning is perfect!  They are still getting to be a huge part in planning their wedding, but I'm taking all the pressure off of them.

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What do you do on a wedding day?

Without giving a task by task list (which changes for every single wedding), the short version of this answer is that my team and I make sure your wedding day is the most enjoyable, stress-free day of your life.  But not only for you, for your family, bridal party and friends as well.  We've all been to that wedding where we were a guest but we had an obligation to set up, problem solve as things came up, and then stay into the night or even come back the next day to clean up.  I do not want that for my couples or their families.  I want them to be able to have the peace of mind that everything is being looked after and any problems that may arise will be handled without them even having to know about them.  I also make sure that the vendor team is taken care of, their questions are answered, and they can have a seamless day as well where they can focus on their task at hand, not the extra coordination items that they might have to handle if we were not there.

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How long have you been doing this? 

I just finished my 10th wedding season (hard for me to even believe!)  But with hundreds of weddings under my belt, I learn new things with each season, sometimes with each wedding, and that experience allows me to be prepared for anything that comes my way through planning or on the wedding day.

How much time should couples be giving themselves and their planner to plan the wedding day?

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This really depends on their package level with their wedding planner and the length of their engagement.  If a client is hiring coordination (day-of) and they are close to a 12-month engagement they should plan to devote an average of 5-6 hours per week on planning their wedding.  If they are hiring full-service planning, they may only spend as little as .5-1 hour per week.  Time average will increase if the engagement is shorter, but their time spent planning per week definitely cuts down if they hire a professional!  

Think about it - if you are not an accountant, but one year you've decided you'd like to do your own taxes, the amount of time you'd likely spend would be astronomical because you've not done that before, you have so much research to do.  But if you hire the professional who does this every single day for many clients, it doesn't take them nearly as long, and you just have to get them the information they need.  From there they make the magic happen.  Wedding planning is much the same.  Most clients have never done this before and have limited experience with weddings, which is why it is so valuable to have a professional guiding them through the process.

What is one piece of advice you would offer couples?

Create the peace of mind to give yourself the space and mindset needed to have the best day of your life!

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Who is Christine Burton Events?

While in college at the University of Kentucky, I thought I might want to be an interior designer but after my freshman year that didn't feel right.  So while considering my personality traits and what I enjoyed, I landed on event planning and quickly got to work finding a wedding planner I could intern with that summer.  I found a fantastic fit in a Lexington planner and after that summer 10 years ago, I was hooked.  The following year she allowed me to take on my own clients and I've not stopped planning weddings since.  After graduation, I went on to work for a non-profit planning their fundraising events, and then on to corporate events, all the while, planning weddings as my side hustle.  Upon moving to Indianapolis with my husband in 2016, I knew it was time to finally launch a full-time wedding planning company and there Christina Burton Events was born, and I've not looked back since.  When not planning weddings, I love to travel with my husband, Ty.  We have a goal to visit every National Park in the US, and are well on our way.  I'm also a self-proclaimed crazy dog mom to our two Great Pyrenees, Burley and Libby.  

Want to get connected with Christina for her professional services?

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Get connected with her on -

Instagram: @christinaburtonevents

Facebook: @christinaburtonevents

Website: www.christinaburtonevents.com

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