• Heidi Melton

FB Seller Scams

Updated: Jul 28, 2018

Being engaged myself I want the full experience, so of course I am apart of several Facebook wedding groups. Once I realized that these groups could help my business I started following more groups. I read through close to 50 posts a day made by brides all over the country. Selling posts, recommendation posts, venting posts, worried/stressed posts, posing questions posts, you name it and I have probably read that type of post on one of the wedding Facebook groups. The most surprising I read are Facebook Seller Scam posts. These are brides and grooms warning others of Facebook Sellers who are scamming people with different products or sales. The saddest thing about these posts is that the same scammer on Facebook was able to scam not just a handful of couples but dozens and sometimes even hundreds. I had counted on one post of the same scam warning 28 individuals who were taken advantage of by that same scammer.

I want to shine some light on what these posts look like and how easy it is to fall for Facebook Selling Scams. With ONBB mobile app, there is no way for a seller to scam a buyer, and I will talk more about that shortly.

Here is what a Facebook Marketplace Selling Scam looks like. I have marked out names and the wedding group name for privacy as well as it's not relevant.

Once you read through the comments of the Facebook posts, you see the end of the story is a happy one, as PayPal refunded him his money; however, a post made today showcases that this Kristin McPeek is back at scamming people through another alias and is still taking advantage of people on Facebook Marketplace.

What we want to do by showing you these posts, is showcase that there is no real security selling and buying items through Facebook marketplace and buying direct through a person and not a business. ONBB wants you to be safe when selling and provide a reliable solution for not only the seller but the buyer too.

Here is how ONBB combats online marketplace scams.

  1. Seller Verification - That's right! ONBB mobile app verifies all sellers through our financial provider, Stripe. Once a Seller has been verified and approved they are permitted for selling their wedding products.

  2. Money Transfers to Seller ONLY after Buyer receives their product - Sellers do not receive any of the their money from the sale until the buyer has received the purchased product. The buyer then has 48 hours after delivery to review the product to make sure it was the product they ordered and it came as described. Check out our Refund Policy for more information.

  3. No Scammers Ever! - If somehow a seller was able to bypass the financial verification process, and the product was ordered and purchased, but never received by the Buyer, ONBB would simply cancel the transaction and the Buyer would receive all pending funds back into their corresponding accounts.

Why waste time and emotional energy on unreliable selling platforms? When you can sell and buy your wedding items with ONBB and know that your products are safe and so are the transactions!

ONBB takes pride in providing a transparent business model with our clients. We want you to be aware of how we run our business, the products that are being sold on the app, and that your transactions are secure. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to email us at info@onbbweddings.com. We are here to assist!

Start selling and buying knowing you are safe with ONBB today.