• Heidi Melton

Getting Fit for the Wedding Day

Photo cred: Aimed Photography

First and foremost, you are beautiful! Whether you tell yourself that each and every day, or your fiancee tells you, believe it!

I started my journey to getting fit and healthy back in November 2016. I was so depressed every time I looked in the mirror and it was difficult to believe that I was beautiful, despite how much my fiancee would tell me. I knew there needed to be a change.

I met a wonderful fitness coach that soon became my accountability partner. I learned quickly that what I thought was healthy wasn't and I wasn't moving as much as should be.

What I did learn was I needed a program to keep me on track and on target to reach my goals.

Hop on over to the latest podcast and hear some more about my fitness journey and how to get fit for your wedding day while staying on budget!

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