• Heidi Melton

Green with Envy - Curbing Comparison

March is one of my favorite months, St. Patrick's Day! Green is every where, dancing, and of course parties with friends and families! March also marks Dustin and I's seven year anniversary of dating! I love it! Despite loving everything about March, lately it's been a little difficult. I have been struggling with comparing my wedding with all the beautiful things online and of course at work. Will our wedding be as beautiful as her's? Should I have spent more money on (fill in the blank)? I wish I would have thought of that cute idea! And the list goes on.

Do you ever find yourself comparing your wedding to someone else's? Perhaps you find yourself feeling like everything isn't good enough... I know I do.

It's hard to not scroll through the posts and look at someone's wedding and say I want that. I am here to tell you once I started focusing the following, I have been able to curb comparison and start enjoying the wedding planning process!

1. Realizing that the weddings posted online aren't always what they seem.

Okay, so this has been the hardest because let's face it.... I wish I could have everything I ever wanted. But reality is, that's just not the case. Did you know the majority of the weddings you see posted online aren't even in the majority wedding budget? Most of the weddings we see online are $60,000+ and even $100,000+ wedding budgets. If you are saying to yourself, that's me, that's great! If you're like me, you're like:

Perrie Edwards - credit

The beautiful thing about weddings is you make them what you want them to be from the budget you have set for yourself. No matter the budget you have set, whether it's $10,000 or $100,000, you have the vision and ability to create the most stunning day. Remembering that the realism of weddings we see online aren't always what they really seem, and of course remembering that no matter the budget, you can have the most beautiful wedding you ever dreamed of! Be sure to check out the vendors ONBB Weddings love to help you bring your wedding to life!

2. Realizing why the guests are coming.

Planning a wedding is overwhelming. The guest list, the invites, the decor, the dress, and the list goes on. Not to mention every day life continues to roll. So sometimes it's easy to lose sight of why guests enjoy weddings. Sure they love the food, the venue, and dancing the night away, but the reason guests come is you!

That's right! Your friends, family, co-workers, and guests come from all over for you and your lovey to get married and celebrate this occasion with you. Of course they love all the effort you put into the wedding! Of course they love the decor, your dress, and all the things, but they love YOU!!! As soon as you keep reminding yourself of this the sooner you (and I) stop comparing your wedding with everyone else's.

3. Realizing that you're not alone.

Did you know when I started talking to people and other women about how I was struggling with comparing my wedding, my body, my dress, and all my wedding things against Instagram weddings I wasn't the only one? Nope! Once I started admitting it out loud to other ladies and friends, they too confided that they also compared themselves and their weddings with others. I honestly was a little surprised at first. Sure, people compare themselves, their homes, etc. to others on Instagram/online, but I really didn't think it was this big of a thing for weddings. It is, and honey you're not alone!! Feel strong in the place that you aren't alone in the planning process, during the wedding, or after the wedding day! ONBB Weddings resale community is here for you!

It's hard to not follow the rabbit hole that is Instagram and other social media sites, but to be honest with you the less I do it, the more I find myself loving the wedding planning and honestly loving myself as a bride!

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Photo cred: KT Crabb Photography