• Heidi Melton

How To: Take Photos Like a Pro

We have the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the top wedding professionals. Ashley Wittmer, professional wedding photographer, has come to share with us 5 tips on how to take photos like a pro!


The images that accompany your listing can make — or break — the sale of your merchandise. Showcasing your unique products with accurate and appealing photography will attract buyers, increase your sales, and it’s easier than you think. Here are a few tips for photographing products that sell:

1. CLEAN LIGHT. Locate the best natural light in your home or workspace. Look for a big picture window, a covered porch area or an open doorway. Turn off all other light sources and stay away from spaces that will cast an unnatural color on your product (i.e. a red painted front door, a blue wall, a yellow chair, etc.).

2. SIMPLE BACKGROUND. Remove all visual distractions from the space to make a clean and simple background. If you’re creating a collection of images, keep the background consistent. Choose one spot and shoot all of your items at the same time, in the same location, and from the same angles.

3. WHITE BOARD. Use a white board reflector to create pictures that are well-lit and have natural color. I love foam core for this. It’s stiff, stands up easily, and it’s inexpensive. Put the white board directly across from the natural light source to bounce the natural light to the shadowed side of your product.

4. GET DOWN LOW. Keep your camera at eye-level with the product. This may mean getting down on the ground or elevating your product to a chair, table or bed, so the camera and the product are at the same height. Get close, hold still and shoot. To give yourself options, shoot your product from several different angles.

5. STAGING AND SELECTION. Staging brings your product to life. For example, if you’re selling a vase, share a photo of the vase used during a wedding day or fill the vase with an appealing bouquet of flowers. Once you have a variety of images, be selective. The image you choose as your main image will be what grabs the attention of a buyer.

That’s it! You’re on your way to shooting your product like a pro. So dive in, get creative and start shooting.

Over a decade ago, Ashley started her wedding and portrait photography business. Standing the test of time, Ashley’s work is fueled by commitment to her clients, the love of all things vibrant, fun and modern, and of course, lots of coffee. www.ashleywittmerphotography.com