• Heidi Melton

Old Barn Wedding - Erica & Dusty

I love seeing friendors (friends + vendors) getting their dream weddings too! My friendor Erica married her dream guy Dusty this last month at a gorgeous barn venue in Brown County, In. With the focus on family, friends, and fun for their wedding celebration was not only breathtakingly gorgeous, but one their guests won't forget.

I asked Erica about her wedding and here is what she had to say:

How did you meet?

"Dusty and I met on Plenty of Fish and quickly found out a were friends with a lot of the same people. We grew up in the same town and I had classes with his sister is high school. We are 4 years apart, so he was out of high school by the time I got there. Our first date was at Redline Frozen Yogurt."

What was it like planning your own wedding?

"Planning my own wedding was stressful. Executing weddings for a living puts another level of stress on your own wedding as the bride as well. I tried to do it low key and not be stressed out, but when you are dealing with lots of people, it still happens. I’m a creative person, so I wanted to incorporate that into our weddings as well. I did more than I should have because of that, but it still made it memorable and fun."

What advice would you pass on to other brides?

"Advice that I would pass along would be to remember to have fun. That was my main goal in our wedding. I wanted to remember it and have a fun time. We put a lot of time and effort into it, so I wanted to take it in as much as possible. You aren’t going to be able to talk to everyone in that small amount of time, so just take as much in as you can. Also, remember to eat dessert! I would also recommend getting a videographer or at least someone to video the ceremony. My husband and I both wish we would have had something to look back on and remember what our pastor said and to see how we felt at that moment."

Take a look through these spectacular photos by Hillary Gordon Photography of Erica and Dusty's wedding day!

Check out the amazing vendor team for this wedding day:

Photography – Hillary Gordon

Music – Sound Advice - Mike

Flowers – Violets Are Blue Indy - Courtney Wiley

Venue – Old Barn in Brown County

Caterer – One World Catering and Events

Cake/Cupcakes – Smallcakes Greenwood

Donuts – Longs Bakery (Southport Road)

Bridal Dress – Beloved Brides

Bridesmaids Dresses – David’s Bridal

Guys suits – Men’s Warehouse

Hair and Makeup – Ashley Fatt

Dog earrings – Obsessories LA (Amazon)

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