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On Budget: Wedding Events & Parties - Abroad!?

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Alex among the mountains of Norway

Since the moment I got engaged, just a little over a year ago, I have dreamt of where we would go on our honeymoon. Now that the wedding date is getting closer, I started investigating Dustin and I’s dream location and how much it would cost. It became overwhelming… how on Earth would we be able to afford this? Let alone have the spare time to plan it all? I started to lose hope in traveling abroad for our honeymoon.

Luckily I met Alex, owner of The Nomads Direction. She has been traveling the world for six years, and staying on a budget. We wanted to chat with her about her services, and how she could help you plan honeymoons, bachelorettes, and bachelor parties, all while staying in a budget.

@leanne_eberhart when she road tripped Arizona with her sister

Where did you get your traveling bug?

I attended an alternative summer program while I was studying photography in college. For nearly 2 months I lived in a remote seaside village in Italy called Pisciotta. Intensive Italian was a mandatory class, as almost no one in town spoke fluent English. While fulfilling my creative side, I realized that the human connection and experience was the catalyst to my success in photo making. It seemed that my true passion and excitement were more so revolved around my interactions with foreign people and culture than it was about the art itself. That first trip “alone” sparked my future endeavors with travel. I was 18 during that time, and now, at 24 I have traveled to 29 countries.

@gina_petrone when she went to Norway

What is The Nomad’s Direction? The Nomad’s Direction is the company I own + operate. It is a service based travel business in which we create customized itineraries fit to each client’s budget and travel style. By visiting the website, www.thenomadsdirection.com the client fills out a questionnaire telling us where they’re going, what their budget is, the dates of their vacation, and then answers a series of questions on a scale of 1-10 for interests. These categories can include things like: “How much do you enjoy hiking?” “Do you like dining out to eat? Dietary restrictions” “Are you interested in guided tours?” etc. The Nomad’s Direction charges based off of how long your trip is and e-mails over to you a complete guide to your upcoming trip with enough time for you to look it over + book everything. We do also follow through with bookings for our clients who are willing to pay the additional booking fee. Feel free to learn more on our FAQ page here! https://www.thenomadsdirection.com/faq-2/

Two of Alex's clients in Thailand on a romantic trip photo cred: @ri.ri_125

Tell us about one traveling experience you planned.

When I launched this company, the demographic I was aiming to reach were young people who felt like they could not travel the world on a tight budget. I was living proof that it was possible! After a few years of being in business, the word spread and we now produce travel itineraries for all different types of people from family vacations to solo backpackers, honeymoons and even groups of friends going for a simple weekend getaway. My favorite honeymoon I’ve planned was for a couple from England who had found The Nomad’s Direction on Instagram. They had their camper van rental booked already, but came to us needing the route for their 3 week honeymoon road trip. We were able to take them through the Canadian Rockies, and down through the American West before flying back overseas from Arizona. They got a mix of every terrain and climate on their adventurous road trip!

Alex in Florence

I couldn’t believe it at first, but after speaking with Alex about all of her experience traveling the world and how she does it on a budget… I know You can do it too! Get connected with Alex and The Nomads Direction -

www.TheNomadsDirection.com | @thenomadsdirection | The Nomads Direction E-Mail

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