• Heidi Melton

ONBB - Old.New.Borrowed.Blue

So what does our name actually mean? "Something olde, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in my shoe" is a part of a an Olde English rhyme and creates a long standing tradition for brides all over the US for the 4 things they need to include with their wedding attire.

Something - OLD

The something old stands for continuity. Usually this is something that may be passed down in families or considered a vintage item. A popular element for brides to carry is a piece of handmade jewelry for their bouquet.

Photo cred: Firm Grip Photography

Something - NEW

The something new item represents offers optimism for the future. This is something that is new to the bride, sometimes purchased or created by herself, but also given to her by a parent, grandparent, sibling or bridesmaid.

Something - BORROWED

The element of the brides attires is regarded to happiness. Most often you may see this being a handkerchief, hair accessories, or jewelry.

Something - BLUE

The something blue stands for purity and love. You'll see this in all kinds of different ways. Brides get very creative with this part of the rhyme. Things like blue shoes, blue flowers, blue hair accessories/jewelry, blue undergarments, or a blue heart from their grandparent or parent's shirt.

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