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Pillow Talking - Boudoir Photoshoots

Okay ladies, let's get a little scandalous and have some pillow talk. I don't know about you, but the winter seems to always bring more cuddles, kisses, and well you get the picture. ;)

We sat down with award winning professional boudoir photographer, Ashley Cox. She opened up about her business, and told us all about how to be confident with our bodies, and of course with someone taking our pictures in outfits we don't wear in public.

Tell us a little about you and your boudoir photography:

"I'm a boudoir photographer based here in Indiana. I've specialized in helping women find their self love and confidence,  i.e. boudoir photography, since 2010. As a fluffy, awkward woman I realized the power of boudoir after just one session. Not even my own session! It was a boudoir photoshoot I did for a friend who was getting married, and just asked if I'd be willing to take the pictures for her. After seeing her reaction to her images, I was hooked for life!!  I've created a studio that gives zero f@%ks about what society's beauty standards are strives to offer a personal boudoir experience to every woman."

What are the top 3 questions you get asked as a professional photographer?

What sets your studio apart from all the other boudoir photographers out there?

"Our entire experience. Nine 23 Boudoir offers a full service and personal experience to every client. I guide my clients through everything from choosing lingerie for THEIR body before the session, to posing during their session based on their personality, body type, and the mood they want to create with their images, right down to helping them choose their favorite images and put together and epic album."

Photo Cred: Ashley Cox

Are you going to skinny me in photoshop?

"Some women are sad to learn that the answer to this one, is no.  I do not use photoshop to make anyone smaller than they are. I do use lighting and posing to accentuate and emphasize their natural curves though! I want them to feel beautiful and sexy, knowing their images are all them."

Photo Cred: Ashley Cox

How much does it cost?

"That's a huge one, right? I think photographers from every niche get this one.  The simple answer is sessions start at $350, and products start at $1049. On average, our clients typically invest between $2300-3200, but we do have women who spend much less than that too. I think everyone deserves a luxury boudoir experience, and I personally save up every year, to book one for myself."

What if the bride is self conscious about their body? Do you help in posing them to make them feel confident?

"The key to posing a couple who may be self-conscious about their bodies are lighting and angles. We all know from taking selfies, there are angles that are flattering, and some, that we avoid like the plague. I'm talking about the accidental up the nose shot that we always get when we turn on our cellphone and forgot we left it, in selfie mode. haha"

Photo Cred: Ashley Cox

What is one piece of advice you would give brides?

"One piece of advice I'd give couples, whether it's for their wedding or for boudoir, is to relaaaaaax. Enjoy the journey. It will all be beautiful, and amazing, and a great photographer can ensure it looks that way."

Photo Cred: Ashley Cox

Inspired? WE ARE!! Get in touch with Ashley at Nine 23 Boudoir.

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