• Heidi Melton

Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice - Being the Best You During Wedding Planning

Let's be real, wedding planning is rough. With all the normal stresses of the everyday life and then add on top of it the stress of planning the biggest event of your life, it can bring either best or worst parts of you. ONBB - Old. New. Borrowed. Blue. Weddings wants you to be able to be the best you before, during, and after the wedding day!

Here are three ways to being the best you through the stresses of wedding planning:

Wedding Planning Phase - Be the Best You

During the wedding planning phase - remember what the day is about. Every time you start to feel the envy monster or the bridezilla come out, think of one happy memory of you and your lovey! Whenever you think of the reason for the planning it brings you back down from the crazy cloud to the real life of love and marriage. Take a breath and remember why you're planning the wedding - at the end of the day if you and your soul mate are married, you can call that a win!

Wedding Day Phase - Be the Best You Two!

During the wedding day, I hear time and time again from my wedding clients that the number one thing they wished they would have done during the wedding day is to take 30 minutes or so to just breathe together as a new married couple - No photos, no guests, just you two enjoying the moment of your wedding day!

After the Wedding Phase - Be the Best You Two, Three, Four or Two

When the wedding day is over you have the rest of your life with your partner to create the best you both set out to be. You might hear or have experienced it yourself, post wedding day depression. This isn't uncommon for you to experience. Here are a couple things to always remember: one the wedding day will be one of the largest if not the largest event you will plan or host in your entire life - so when it's over it makes sense you may feel a little depressed. Now what? What are you going to do with your extra time? What do you have to look forward to?

After you and your partner have had sometime to rest and relax - sit down together and chat about these questions together. What do you want to accomplish together? What do you want to do with your extra time? You don't necessarily have to do everything together, but here is where you and your partner can continue creating your best you. Maybe you plan to adopt a pet, have children, rehab a house, volunteer, travel the world, and the list goes on. "For long as you both shall live" - forever is a long time and you have that time to be the best you!

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