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Southern Charm and Affordable!

We are so excited to be chatting about this topic this week! Rinehold Tack and Western Wear launched a wedding special for all our southern charm wedding parties, and we can't stop talking about it.

Addie Fath Photography

Is your wedding rustic, southern charm, or just down right country!? We have the perfect spot for you to stop and shop! Rinehold Tack and Western Wear has a wedding program where you come in to the shop and save. The program is fairly simple. The couple comes in and RTWW work with you on putting together your outfits for the groomsmen mainly. Generally it consists of boots, jeans, shirt. RTWW have had weddings also include belts or suspenders, and can also do sport coats, but these would be purchased. A lot of the time wedding parties go to a Men's Warehouse or somewhere similar and get a sport coat rented.

Addie Fath Photography

RTWW doesn't have a lot of options for the ladies as they don't really carry formal dresses, however they have done a lot of boots for brides and your bridesmaids as well as some jewelry with a western flair (i.e. leather earrings, turquoise necklaces, etc). RTWW has also put together bridesmaids gifts that consist of a small tooled leather makeup bag and maybe even jewelry. There are really a lot of options and if someone has an idea, they do their best to bring it to fruition! With this program couples save 20% off and the rest of the wedding party get 15% off. RTWW have over a dozen different brands for wedding parties to choose from and and put their outfits together. They carry Ariat, Dan Post, Laredo, Justin, Tony Lama, Nocona, Corral, Twisted X, Wrangler, Cinch, Ariat, Rock & Roll Denim, Double H, multiple belt companies and jewelry companies!

Here are some amazing weddings that have used RTWW's wedding program.

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