• Heidi Melton

Tasting Tips: Catering Your Wedding Day

One of Dustin and I's favorite things to do together as a couple is enjoy a good meal or go out to the movies. With your wedding planning in full swing, here are 3 things to remember before, during and after your tasting with your wedding caterer.

A lot of wedding venues will have exclusive caterers, or preferred lists. No matter how you decided on your caterer, let's keep in mind that your wedding reception menu is just as important as the dancing music.

1. Before the tasting ask your caterer if you are able to see additional samples of linens, china, glassware, flatware, napkins, and other table scape items you are interested in. Most caterers provide your table scape items, and instead of just viewing the little swatches of fabric or photos of what there is to rent, see if they are able to have these items to view, touch, and mix or match at your tasting. If they are able to get the items in that you want to see, make sure there are no additional costs involved before the tasting day, as sometimes there are delivery or service fees for this additional service.

2. During your tasting ask your caterer what the process is for guests that make requests that weren't expected or unplanned. For example, in the hospitality and catering industry we experience guests attending events who forget what meal they selected, decided they wanted a vegan or vegetarian entree, or didn't RSVP with their allergies and then can't eat the meal. What happens when guests make these special requests on the fly? How does your caterer react to them? Are there additional charges? Will your guests be accommodated for this surprises?

After the tasting follow up with your caterer on the menu you selected. As your wedding day approaches, some changes or adjustments may be needed to your order based on your guests' RSVP responses or perhaps you and your fiancee had a change of mind. This is okay, but most caterers have deadlines for these changes and updates, and it's important to follow up with them with these adjustments.

3. Remember to take in every moment and enjoy the process. Allow your professional vendors, including our caterer to handle the stresses of the logistics and other operational details of your wedding. Let them guide you through the process, but at the end of the day, you are ultimately the decision maker. Create the wedding of your dreams by letting your professional vendors help you through the process.