• Heidi Melton

We're Engaged!

I am not sure if some you knew this or not, but Dustin and I are engaged! We actually got engaged on June 16, 2017. We wanted to have our wedding in September, and knowing I already had 23 weddings on the books for 2018, we decided to get married in 2019! Any other couples getting married in 2019? What is your wedding date? What was the proposal like?

Although we don't have any photos of the engagement to walk you through our proposal, the story is just perfect for us. As you know, I work late hours including nights and weekends, planning and executing events. With that being said, it's a rare occasion when Dustin and I have time off together to just be near one another with no plans, just him and I being together. June 16, 2017 we both had the evening off, and I was so excited to get home and hang out, all I could think about was just getting home. Of course, I got stuck at the office working with clients, and started coming home late. So I wasn't in the best of moods getting into the car. I called Dustin to check in and let him know that I was on the way home.

We always talk to one another when we are on the drive home from work. When I called, all I could honestly think about was just getting home to be with him.

That's when he says, "Hey! Do you think you could run by the store and pick me up a Mountain Dew? I would love to have one for my morning drive into work!" (First off, are you kidding me? Mountain Dew for breakfast.... I know. Secondly, REALLY!?? He wants me to go by the store right now?! Eye roll)

"Yeah, sure." (Me being not too happy to go by the store, I drove into Walgreens, staying on the phone the entire time.)

Me - "If I am going come in here I am picking up some stuff for grilling out and we are having burgers or something for dinner."

Dustin - "Okay! Take your time."

Me thinking - Okay that's weird... normally he puts up a fight to grill out, and take my time coming home on the first weekend night we have had off together in months?! Weird.

I picked up his drink, grabbed some extra groceries for our little grill out, and headed home. Still on the phone with Dustin, I was getting a little irritated. Traffic was hectic, stopping on the way home was not in my plans, and all I wanted to do was get home. That was my focus. I didn't care about anything else, just get home. As I was pulling into our community I told Dustin I was pulling in, and I would be in shortly. Me being one track mind - Get Home. I totally missed the big arrows surrounding my house and garage door. I walked into the kitchen and patted my dog on the head, yelling for Dustin I didn't get a response. "Hmmm I wonder where he is, Bentley." - Me talking to my pup.

As I was grabbing for the bag of chips on the counter I saw an arrow on the door way leading into the dining room. "What is this?" I wondered.

I followed the arrow leading into the living room where I saw pictures of Dustin and I. Following more arrows around our house with more memories of us, the arrows led me upstairs to our bedroom. At first I thought, this is going to be a romantic evening (wink wink). Then I reached our bedroom window that leads out to our backyard. We have the old pull down shades that roll up really fast as you release them, so as the shade rolled up quickly I saw a sign on the window saying "Turn Around."

As I turned around, Dustin was down on one knee.... and I JUMPED AND SCREAMED. He scared me to death as I had no idea anyone was even in the house let alone behind me. As soon as my realization hit of what was happening, and we both laughed a little, I started to cry.

It was June 16, 2017 that Dustin successfully shocked me in fear and in love.

Since that day we have been working on wedding plans, and just got back our engagement photos! We can't wait to get married and share more stories as we encounter them.

Thank you KTCRABB PHOTOGRAPHY for these amazing photos!

We love hearing all about your love stories and would love to share them too! Feel free to email us at info@onbbweddings with your proposal stories, wedding stories, and any other wedding related shot outs you have to share!

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