• Heidi Melton

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Updated: May 29, 2018

Photo cred: Firm Grip Photography

Everyday I would hear my wedding clients say, “Now what? What do I do with all this stuff?” With the average wedding in the USA costing couples $30,000+, I wanted to bring not just my clients, but everyone in the United States an option to buy and sell their wedding items all from their iPhone. And now you can! Download today from the Apple Store!


Newlyweds! ONBB is a fast and convenient way to sell your wedding decor, dress, and all your wedding items to make back your Wedding Dollars! Let’s face it, we’re busy. Whether we’re just getting back from the honeymoon, busy at work, corralling the kids, or building our empire with piles of school work, taking one of our days off to visit a wedding flea market or garage sale isn’t in the cards. If you’re on your break at work or sipping on your favorite beverage, you can easily sell all of your wedding items right from your iPhone today. Check it out!


Engaged couples! We have a one stop shop to buy all of your Wedding Decor and other wedding items. ONBB has made it fast, easy and fun to buy all your wedding items to create the wedding you have been dreaming of. Download it today!

Looking for signs, shoes, or want that designer wedding gown at an affordable price, you can shop through the ONBB feed, search for exactly what you need, or buy all the items you love from one bride’s boutique.

You’ll find all of your wedding items at affordable prices and you won’t even have to leave your home!

I created ONBB with our busy brides in mind. It was my goal to make your experience, whether selling or buying, a fast, fun, and easy process. Love things that sparkle? Rustic chic? Classic elegance? You’ll find your wedding style and not even have to leave your home or work. See for yourself ONBB in the Apple Store today!

Download the app now in the Appstore! Start making money back from your wedding day!