• Heidi Melton

Wedding Resale Pop-Up Shop

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

We are so very excited to be launching our first Pop-Up Shop hosted at The Cyrus Place.

Photo cred: Nick Ewing Photography

There are limited booths for newlyweds and wedding boutiques to resell their wedding decor, dress, and more so be sure to get registered for your seller's booth today!

What do you get with your Seller's booth?

  1. One - 6ft banquet table - this will be used to display your items

  2. Space in The Cyrus Place to sell your wedding items

  3. Sellers will need to bring their own full length linen to cover their table. If you do not have a linen, ONBB Weddings can provide this for you. Please make ONBB team members aware during the registration process.

Be sure to register for a booth before they sell out! Limited number of booths are available and remain.

What to expect as a Seller?

  1. As a wedding seller you will need to be prepared to sell! sell! sell! We are bringing you the perfect audience to purchase your items, so it's up to you to sell your items.

  2. If you do not have a credit card processor, be sure to make a sign stating that you accept cash only.

  3. Be sure to bring your own display shelves, hangers, etc. Neither the venue nor ONBB Weddings will have these items to assist you in selling your items.

  4. Brides and grooms will be attending this event ready to buy and save money! Don't over price your items. Be honest, fair, and courteous for your customers.

Brides and Grooms!! We are excited you are looking to save money on your wedding day, and being a conscious buyer. Being green is a huge part of our business, and we appreciate you for helping our environment by reusing great products for your wedding day!

(this is a hug from mother nature :) )

Get registered online right away, don't miss out on this event!

What to expect as a Bride or Groom at the Wedding Resale Pop-Up Shop?

  1. Bring cash! Most of the vendors, if not all, will not have the capabilities to accept credit/debit cards. So be sure to bring cash.

  2. Dressing rooms will be available so you can try on brand new and gently used wedding dresses.

  3. Music and cocktails at the cash bar provided by The Cyrus Place.

  4. Save money and have fun!

Whether you are a Wedding Seller or attending to purchase amazing items for your wedding day, there is only one major rule - be kind! Everyone should have an amazing time. This Pop-Up Shop is a place for sales, savings, and of course smiles!

Let's have fun!

Want to know more about the unique venue we will be at? Check out The Cyrus Place for more information. Here are some amazing photos of weddings at their venue!!

Photo credit: Nick Ewing Photography

After the event if you still need to sell and save, check out the ONBB Wedding resale app.